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1903 Springfield Sporter Build (Gift Rifle)

So for Christmas I decided to build up a 1903 sporter for my dad so he can shoot the vintage military silhouette matches with me. Found a RIA sporter that was done by Bubba is the garage, but had the right features to make life easy. This one has a RF Sedgley 4 groove 03a3 barrel with a wobbly front sight, had the bent bolt and curved safety already installed for scope clearance and was d&t for dual weaver bases. $244otd!

Well, first thing was a new trigger, put a timney in it. Next was a new barrel, have a CBI barrel (still need to install it). Found a very nice vintage Herters sporter stock for a good price that looks excellent. So, go to drop the action in and (of course) the timney didnt fit in the stock. No big deal, hammer and chisel make short work of it and has 1/16" clearance all around the trigger. Bottom metal for the stock ok, thankfully it was a little proud, so now it's mostly flush and looks good. But, the new timney is wider as well, so it doesn't fit the trigger guard slot! Little bit of die grinding and finish with a file, it now fit. Next was adding a bolt cut to the stock as the bent bolt didnt allow full lock up and hit the stock. Just need to add a little more clearance on that next, gets full lock up now though.

So all that's left is just new barrel installed and chambered, complete tear down and clean/lube, then cerakote flat black. Need to bed the stock and add a recoil pad as well.

Hope it shoots as good as it's starting to look!


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