• Alexander Holman

6.8 On the Podium Again

I haven't shot my 6.8 since last August as I've been shooting sling and irons all winter ramping up for Service Rifle season. Felt good to get back on the comfortable, reliable old horse again. I had to scrounge up a couple partial boxes of my match ammo which made just enough for the match. I had 3 rounds extra in case of a shoot off. Targets were steel silhouettes, half size coyote at 660 yards, rabbit at 550 yards, 2/3 size wood chuck and full size crow at 440 yards, finally a squirrel at 220 yards. Wind was tricky, calm to 7-8 mph from 6 o'clock, fishtailing and we're shooting into a butte which causes all kinds of strange thermals and cross winds at the target you cant see even in the spotting scope!

I wasn't terribly thrilled with how I shot, but I guess it was the first match for most everyone else as I managed to eek out a 2nd in my division.

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